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Projects and festivals of the businessman Adel Maatouk were not confined in Lebanon, France, Germany, Sweden and Swiss, but his companies organized lots of touristic festivals in several Arabic capitals such as Dubai, Cairo, and Casablanca which all achieved great success, and it were photographed and transmitted in audio and video via major Arab satellites channels.

In another way, and for his working quality of many projects, activities, festivals, and touristic contributions, Adel Maatouk gained the appreciation of the French president Jack Chirac and many French figures whether the mayor of Paris or the mayor of the French city "Cannes". In this famous city on the famous French coast " cote d'Azur ", Adel Maatouk presented by his quality of the most activated French businessmen in the field of tourism, a series of big festivals, then he lately founded his big touristic project in "Cannes " the city of charm. He invested a group of luxurious villas in Cannes, rebuilt and reconstructed them in a very luxurious way that they became one of the most luxurious hotel accommodation areas, where it hosts senior figures of the world as celebrities, businessmen, and public figures present strongly in the world of businesses. He also built later a huge hotel of 120 rooms classified as five stars deluxe level. Currently, He limited his investment activities in the world of hotels and tourism in Europe and some Arab countries.