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The Lebanese French Businessman started his career in the business world through large touristic projects. Since he started in Paris, he began his touristic projects by a restaurant that became with time a chain of projects of restaurants and hotels followed by other projects that achieved great success, then Adel Maatouk projects evolved into a chain of touristic festivals in France and many European countries before it expands into Lebanon and many Arab countries. Adel Maatouk founded via his production companies the first step in Lebanon after the war for activating the tourism in it.

At the time when the prime minister the martyr Rafic El Hariri presided over the government, and when he declared the start of a workshop for rebuilding Beirut and all Lebanon, Adel Maatouk was the first one that accompanied the workshop by his touristic way, so he founded the Beirut international festival. This huge festival in its production and in the names of the leading celebrities from the world and from the Arab world that participated in it was still attracting for many successive years its big Arabic audience. The most important Lebanese and Arabic TV stations transmitted its concerts and its diverse activities in a way showing that Beirut came back the pearl of the orient. Adel Maatouk got lots of appreciation, felicitation and thankfulness certificates on this big and remarkable activity from presidents, ministers and all officials that appreciated his big touristic effort to make Lebanon regain its vitality lost in the painful war that it survived for long years. In addition, the chief of Beirut international festivals Adel Maatouk received felicitations of the President Emile Lahoud, the president Sleiman, the minister of tourism Nicolas Fattouch, the minister of tourism Arthur Nazarian, and many people concerned in upholding the tourism in Lebanon.